The Kid Stays in the Picture: A Notorious Life (Paperback)
The Kid Stays in the Picture: A Notorious Life (Paperback)
The Kid Stays in the Picture: A Notorious Life (Paperback)
The Kid Stays in the Picture: A Notorious Life (Paperback)
The Kid Stays in the Picture: A Notorious Life (Paperback)

The Kid Stays in the Picture: A Notorious Life (Paperback)

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The 2013 paperback edition of Robert Evans' memoir/tall tale about his life and times.  With black-and-white photographs from the author's archive and a new introduction by the legendary actor, producer, and Hollywood studio chief, The Kid Stays in the Picture is driven by a voice as charming and irresistible as any great novel.

From the back cover:

From the back cover

Robert Evans's The Kid Stays in the Picture is universally recognized as the greatest, most outrageous, most unforgettable show business memoir ever written. The basis of a groundbreaking, award-winning documentary film, it remains the gold standard of Hollywood storytelling.

The only actor ever to run a Hollywood studio, Evans emerged from near-obscurity in the mid-1960s to rescue Paramount, one of the great studios of the Golden Age, from near-bankruptcy. A self-confessed "half-assed actor," Evans proved a genius producer and studio chief, drawing on his irresistible combination of instinct, smarts, showmanship, and bravado to take Paramount from the basement to the penthouse with such films as The Odd Couple, Rosemary's Baby, Love Story, The Godfather, and Chinatown. He lived a swashbuckling life, partying with lifetime friends like Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, and Dustin Hoffman, consulting with power players like Henry Kissinger, and squiring a host of dazzling women including his wives Ali McGraw, Catherine Oxenberg, and Phyllis George. After a decade of triumph, he lost everything in a spectacular flameout of cocaine and bad business decisions, yet survived it all—and lived to tell the tale.

An extraordinary raconteur, Evans spares no one, least of all himself. Filled with starring roles for everyone from Ava Gardner to Marlon Brando to Sharon Stone, The Kid Stays in the Pictureis sharp, witty, and self-aggrandizing and self-lacerating in equal measure.

This new It Books edition, the first in more than a decade, will feature a new foreword by the author. And simultaneous with this edition will come a first-ever ebook rollout—including both a regular edition and an enhanced ebook with clips from Evans's celebrated, Grammy-nominated audiobook and the famous 2002 documentary.


“The best Hollywood memoir I’ve ever read!” (Michael Fleming, Variety)

“A naughty, outrageous, and wild ride--and perhaps the best Hollywood memoir ever written.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Don’t even try to put it down.” (Janet Maslin, New York Times)

“The book plays like a raunchy, randy Hollywood fairy tale about a prince who lost it all only to win it all back through pluck, charm, and persistence. . . Is it a good book? Try great. Enduring. One for the ages.” (Nathan Rabin, The Onion A.V. Club)

“[An] incendiary and candid memoir.” (Huffington Post)

Top Three Greatest Hollywood Tell-Alls (Entertainment Weekly)

  • Publisher : It Books; Illustrated edition (June 4, 2013)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 528 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0062228323
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0062228321
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