Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster: The Incredible Life and Times of Mickey Cohen  (Paperback)

Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster: The Incredible Life and Times of Mickey Cohen (Paperback)

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From the back cover: Mickey Cohen, who died in 1976, was a colorful, feared West Coast gangster-gambler who knew the biggest names in Hollywood including the Rat Pack, was a confidant of Bugsy Siegel, a friend of Las Vegas' late Liz Renay and on first names with the biggest guys in the Mafia, plus Frank Sinatra, Richard Nixon and Billy Graham. Well-indexed and illustrated, Brad Lewis’ book about Cohen draws from thousands of resources -- a virtual treasure trove of Mafia-related books, articles and interviews. Written by a tough and knowledgeable insider, Lewis tells the whole Mickey Cohen story with this biography. All the whispered anecdotes, the news items and the underside of the crime rackets where Mickey operated are in this book, open to scrutiny. From Bugsy Siegel to Lucky Luciano and Albert Anastasia to Meyer Lansky and Carlos Marcello, Mickey knew them well and worked closely with them for many years. This is Mickey Cohen! Inside and Out!

About the Author

Brad Lewis is a writer, whose focus has ranged from the bizarre world of celebrity doctors to detailed histories of Jewish-American development, spotlighting show business. He wrote the bestselling biography of Milton Berle, My Father, Uncle Miltie, with the fabled comedian's son, a candid look at the irreplaceable television icon. Hollywood’s Celebrity Gangster, The Incredible Life and Times of Mickey Cohen is the only biography of the charismatic and dangerous mobster whose life was a paradigm for the intermingling of Washington, Las Vegas, the entertainment industry and the mob. Great White Doctor is a scalpel thriller centered on the sordid lives and weird sexual habits of "celebrity doctors", exposing high profile specialists who perform unnecessary surgery on their female patients. He has advanced degrees from CUNY, NYU, Columbia University and St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. Lewis is a native New Yorker.
  • Publisher : BookSurge Publishing (June 27, 2009)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 446 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1439243654
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1439243657
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This is a single copy of a used book. It is in excellent condition save for some creases on the lower right hand corner of the front cover.