Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist: The A-List Kingpin and the Poker Ring that Brought Down Tinseltown (Hardcover)

Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist: The A-List Kingpin and the Poker Ring that Brought Down Tinseltown (Hardcover)

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“Right out of the gate, the entire game was designed to empty the pockets of those rich, celeb-loving LA suckers.”—Houston Curtis
Leonardo DiCaprio. Alex Rodriguez. Tobey Maguire. Ben Affleck. Matt Damon. John Cassavetes.
What do these people have in common? Not just fame and fortune; all these men are also alumni of the ultra-exclusive, high-stakes poker ring that inspired Aaron Sorkin’s Oscar-nominated film, Molly’s Game.
But Houston Curtis, the card shark who co-founded the game with Tobey Maguire, knows that Sorkin’s is the whitewashed version. In Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist, Curtis goes all-in, revealing the true story behind the game. From its origins with Maguire to staking DiCaprio’s first game, installing Molly Bloom, avoiding the hookers and blow down the hall, and weathering the FBI investigation that left Curtis with a lien on his house, this is the no-holds-barred account of the world’s most exclusive Texas Hold ’Em game from the man who started it—with all the names and salacious details that Molly’s Game left out.
With the insider appeal of Rounders, more A-listers than Ocean’s 11, and the excitement of The Sting, Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist is the untold, insider’s story that makes Molly’s Game look tame.


“An exceptionally well written page turner.  So good in fact,  that I decided to ask the author to become a featured columnist for Card Player magazine!"
—Justin Marchand, CMO, Card Player magazine

Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist is a book you will not stop reading once you pick it up.  Curtis and Maguire pulled off the greatest card hustle in Hollywood history.  Being the owner of a rival publishing company that releases books steeped in the world of gambling, I admit, this book falls into the ‘ones that got away’ category.”  
—Anthony Curtis, Las Vegas Advisor

Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist is an incredible true story that will amaze you and touch you deeply.  Houston Curtis bares his soul while sharing the highs and lows of running the biggest poker game Hollywood has ever seen.
—John B. Mills, Caravan to Midnight

  • Publisher : Skyhorse; Illustrated edition (March 24, 2020)
  • Language : English
  • Hardcover : 216 pages
  • Item Weight : 15 ounces
  • Dimensions : 6 x 1 x 9 inches