Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare: The Making of Godzilla (paperback)

Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare: The Making of Godzilla (paperback)

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For the first time in English print, the complete story of the making of one of the most significant and influential films of the 20th Century. Originally intended to cash-in on the then current trend of American monster movies, what resulted instead was the cinema's first anti-nuclear treatise to reach an international audience. Gathered from previously unpublished sources, rare photographs, personal interviews and with shot-for-shot descriptions of both the Japanese and American versions, Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare is a tribute to the greatest monster movie of them all.

From the Back Cover

One of the most remarkable movies ever made, Toho Studios' 1954 Godzilla was an incredible gamble, a replacement film with a second-choice director initially conceived to take timely advantage of the then current trend of American-made monster movies.  What resulted was a rough-hewn work of art that staggered audiences and confused critics, initiating an entire new genre and the longest running movie series in history.
Born out of the ashes of World War II fire raids, atomic bombings and radioactive fallout,Godzilla was produced at a time of great anxiety and extreme paranoia.  Created by a country with an intimate knowledge of nuclear disasters, the resultant film is a treatise not only on horrific events of the past but a clarion call for a future shrouded by a mushroom cloud.
Participating in this unique endeavor were a maverick special effects man, a recalcitrant composer, a bold producer, and a director scarred from his own wartime/atomic experiences determined to make a statement warning the world, resulting in the cinema's first anti-nuclear film to attain popular appeal. 
Culled from official sources, Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare contains analytical insights (including a shot-by-shot analysis of both the original Japanese and American versions), rare photographs, personal reminisces and contemporary reviews never available before in English, resulting in an unparalleled examination of this world-famous film.

Peter H. Brothers has written about Japanese fantasy films for many years, including articles for Cineaste, Fangoria, Cult Movies and G-Fan, and has lectured at such venues as the Comic-Com, the MonsterPalooza, WonderCon, California Writers Club, and the Los Angeles Science and Fantasy Society.  His acclaimed book Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men was the first ever published outside of Japan on Ishiro Honda, the man who directed Godzilla, and is currently in its second printing.  He is also the author of two horror novels: Devil Bat Diary and Terror In Tinseltown.

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